Rank Powers and Promotions

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Rank Powers and Promotions

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How to get promoted, do not promote yourself though; get a higher rank to review first

Rank Powers:
Command-in-Chief: Can promote up to Major General
Major General: Can promote up to Colonel
General: Can promote up to Captain
Colonel: Can promote up to Lieutenant
Lt.Colonel: Can promote up to Major Sergeant
Major Sergeant - Major: Recruiting Abilities
Sergeant - Master Sergeant: Can recruit AFTER getting permission
Everyone Can Recruit,though you MUST get PERMISSION first from(Lt Colonel or above)
Promotion Guidelines:
Private First Class: 3 days in clan
Sergeant: 5 days in clan
Staff Sergeant: 7 days in clan
Master Sergeant: 2 weeks in clan
Major Sergeant: 1 month in clan
Lieutenant: 3 active recruits
Captain: 5 additional active recruits
Major: 5 additional active recruits and 3 months in clan
Lt Colonel: Promoted by Major General or Command-in-Chief
Colonel: Promoted by Major General or Commander-in-Chief
General: Promoted by Command-in-Chief
Major General: Promoted By Commander-in-Chief
Commander-in-Chief: Commander retires; Major General takes place
Deputy: Assigned by Supreme Leader and Chief Advisor
Chief Advisor: Assigned by Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader: Chief Advisor takes place when leader retires or is inactive


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