Recruitment Guidelines

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Recruitment Guidelines

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:36 pm

Any rank above Major Sergeant is allowed to recruit.

Ranks Sergeant to Master Sergeant who wish to recruit must first obtain permission from a
Lt Colonel or above.


Recruiting should be based on the maturity level and how active they are.

All recruits will start off as a private.

Steps of proper recruitment:

1) If they meet the standards, Tell the recruit to make a new name with the clan tag. Name.Here[DoW]

2) Once the recruit returns with a proper tag, tell him to fill out his profile with the correct information. The information will vary depending on what division you are in.
For Example: If you are in vanguard, you will tell the recruit to fill it out like so...
Recruited By: Recruiters Name
Rank: Private
Division: Vanguard
Date of Recruit: month/day/year

3) Next you give the new recruit some information about the clan, tell them the clan leaders, and their division leaders. Any other information you want to share is fine as well. You must tell them some rules, which are pretty straight forward: Do not insult other members, and to show respect for all members.

4) You have to inform them that they cannot recruit until reaching the rank of Major Sergeant; or Sergeant if permission is granted.

5) Now you must tell them to go to our forums ( and register on our forums, tell them that they must regularly use it and it will be a good source of communication throughout the clan.

6) Now YOU go to your division thread, i.e Vanguard, and post the
Recruits Name
Date of Recruit
and any other information you wish to share about the new member.

7) Return to B.Net and in our clan channel, add the recruit to the system.
Type in, +add Name[DoW] 1
[Refer to Ranking System and Bot Access Guidelines]


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